Dumbass Sayings: “Pull The Plug”

Why is a brain dead person called a
vegetable when vegetables are
synonymous with good health?
Deciding to take a loved one off of life support is a very painful and sad decision. For someone to call it “Pulling the plug” is really insensitive. You’re talking about a human being you care about not a Hoover vacuum cleaner that you’re going to put back in the closet. Also, “Pulling the plug” makes people think of butt plugs and that might be funny to some people, but when you’re about to make such an important and brutal decision it really is an unwelcomed association.

Plus, this is the 21st century, why are we still using plugs? Why isn’t this shit wireless by now? Shouldn’t life support be Bluetooth or something? Then they could refer to taking someone off life support as “Shutting off the wi-fi.”

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