The Top 5 Worst Ways To Pass Time When You're Bored

Did this make you yawn?
If not then you might be a
serial killer.
Boredom is an unfortunate yet crucial part of life. Without boredom we would never truly be able to appreciate excitement. Despite boredom's key role in our lives, it's still not very pleasurable and so we do things to make it bearable. Sometimes we do strange things. Strange things that people shouldn't do in a society. Here are the top 5 worst ways to pass time when you're bored in public:

5. Sing
There's a reason you don't see too many people breaking out into song when they're in a dentist waiting room. I'm not really sure what that exact reason is, I just know you're not supposed to do it.

The odds of everyone else in the room liking the same kind of music you do is very slim.

4. Talk to yourself
Talking to yourself is a harmless enough thing when you're alone at home, but anywhere else and you start to look crazy. Even if you're alone in a waiting room, it's not a good idea to talk to yourself because you don't want someone to walk in and see you having a full-on argument with yourself. It makes the room a pool of awkwardness they're forced to dive into.

Unless you can see ghosts, there's no reason to be talking to thin air in public.

3. Sleep
Sleeping seems like a great way to pass time when you're bored except there's really no telling what will happen during your sleep session. You could start talking to yourself, urinate, or experience nocturnal arousal, all very bad things to exhibit in front of strangers on line at the bank.

Be careful where you fall asleep. You never know when a gremlin will perch on your body.

2. Cry
Perhaps you've heard the term "Bored to tears". Oddly enough when its manifested literally it's much less socially accepted than the term used to describe it.

We all need a good cry every now and then, but on line at Starbucks is not the place for it.

And the number one worst way to pass time when you're bored is...

1. Fondle yourself
This one is worst because its borderline illegal. Also it's the absolute most awkward socially and pretty much combines every negative of the previous items on our list into one incredible wrong action. Then to top it all off it might end with you crying and sleeping which completes the madness.

Even the dog is thinking "What's this guy's problem?"

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