Dumbass Sayings: “Hands Down”

That first one is hands down the
weirdest masturbation aid I've
ever seen. What is that?
A piggie bank?
When someone says “That was hands down the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever had!”, “Hands down” in that sentence means “Easily and decisively without question”. What do hands have to do with that? Would putting your hands up mean it was not the best pumpkin pie you had? No! So why does putting your hands down mean it was? If you win a debate “hands down” that means you won easily, but you don’t need hands to debate at all. Even if you’re talking about an activity where you need hands like “We won that basketball game hands down!” That still doesn’t make sense because you clearly used your hands. Saying you won a basketball game hands down is a blatant lie.

If anything, “hands up” should replace the saying “hands down”. When you take an oath in court to tell the truth, you put your hand up so whatever you say with your hand up has to be more truthful. If someone pulls a gun on you and says “Hands up!” Aren’t you more likely to tell the truth to that person? Example: “This is hands up the scariest situation I’ve ever been in!” At least that makes some sense.

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