Dumbass Sayings: “Live In The Moment”

Being a human jet seems
like it'd be a good idea
at the moment until the
point of explosion.
Sometimes a life coach or yoga teacher will tell you to “Live in the moment” and focus on the present instead of being consumed by the future. The fact of the matter is you’re always living in the moment whether you want to or not. We only exist in the present. Even if you’re engaging in activities whose purpose is to affect the future you’re still existing and living in the present. Until time travel becomes real, it’s literally impossible to NOT live in the moment.

And even if you’re saying “Live in the moment” to get someone to only care about this very second in their lives, that’s stupid too. Maybe saying “Live for this month” or “Live for this year” would be better than saying “Live for this moment” because a moment is down to the second. If people really lived for this very second they’d be getting high off their asses without any thought to the health or legal repercussions of ingesting powerful street drugs. If you were living for this very second you might jump out of a plane without a parachute because you’re not thinking about the next thirty seconds where you’re going to splatter on the ground. You can’t always live in the moment, eventually you have to go to sleep and rest for tomorrow. Try living in the decade instead.

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