The Top 5 Worst Pranks To Play On People

Alphabet blocks in the lobby.
Not a great prank, but far from the worst
The biggest craze these days is pranking. Pranking is the new planking. Whether it’s Tony Hawk pretending the hoverboard from “Back To The Future” is real or some guy on youtube telling a hobo he won the lottery, you can’t go wrong with a prank for good times! That’s what most people think. Well most people are wrong. There are some pranks that can have very disastrous results. Here are the top 5 worst pranks you never want to play on someone no matter how bad you fool them:

5. The Transvestite Switcheroo
The Transvestite Switcheroo is when you have a drunk one night stand with a woman you met at a club or bingo hall or wherever and before you wake up, the woman replaces herself with a man in a wig. It’s a very funny prank that requires a decent amount of effort, but if it’s done perfectly and you never tell the prankee or “mark” it can end up possibly leading to the man descending into a deep depression sometimes ending up in suicide.

Waking up next to this will really screw with someone's mind.

4. The Lost Dog Prank
The Lost Dog prank is a really mean spirited prank that targets children which is why I don’t recommend it. When a kid’s dog runs away you show up with a dog of the same breed and size. They think it’s their dog and they’re all happy to be reunited with their best friend. Then you pop out with a camera and reveal that it’s not their real dog and you pranked them.

Good luck finding a double for Scrunchyface here.

3. The “I’m Pregnant Prank”
This is possibly one of the most elaborate pranks that a person can play. First off you need to be a woman who’s had unprotected sex with a man. Then you start overeating to develop a huge gut. You tell him you’re pregnant and show him a fake pregnancy test. Then after about 9 months of stuffing your face non-stop you stick a football or baby doll or dead lobster in your vagina and go to the hospital claiming you’re in labor. When the doctor pulls that lobster out. The looks on people’s faces are almost worth the legal action that is then taken against you for fooling the hospital and the guy you were pranking for almost a full year.

People get away with this prank all the time because overeating seems appropriate for a legitimately pregnant woman and no one suspects a thing.

2. The AIDS Prank
There are a lot of pranks dealing with AIDS and nearly none of them are good. The easiest of them all is just simply telling someone you had sex with for the first time you have AIDS. If you decide to never tell them it was a prank you can cause them a lot of undue stress. This can ruin a relationship and lead to a person waiting around for an unnecessary AIDS test which is sort of funny I guess if you’re hardcore crazy.

Know the symptoms. Don't get pranked.

1. The Parent’s Worst Nightmare Prank
This is a prank that only schoolteachers can play and it can put their careers at risk. “The Parent’s Worst Nightmare Prank” is where a teacher calls the parents of a child with a severe peanut allergy on the phone telling them there’s been an emergency. Then they paint the child’s face all blue and cover them with makeup hives and tell the kid to play dead next to an open pack of Reese’s cups. When the parents arrive they are hysterical and make total asses of themselves. In the end no one gets hurt (as long as you keep those Reese’s cups far enough away from the kid) BUT that does not change the fact that it is incredibly insensitive and wrong to prank parents like this. That’s why it’s the WORST prank and it should be retired immediately from all prankers’ repertoires.

Even if the kid is in on the prank, still not cool.

You may be trying to push the envelope with your pranks, but always remember, pranking is about fun for both sides. It's not all about the pranker. The prankee needs to leave the prank with a smile on their face too, not tears or insane rage.

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