Dumbass Sayings: “Have A Good One”

I say "Have a good TWO!"
That means day AND night.
For some reason it’s very popular to say “Have a good one” as a farewell statement to another person. The problem with this is it’s too vague. Have a good one? One what? That could mean virtually anything. If it’s supposed to be mean “Have a good day” then why not just say that? I think people say “Have a good one” so it seems like they’re being nice when really the “good one” they’re talking about is a fall down the stairs or a tumor.

Could it be that people say “Have a good one” so they don’t have to decide between saying “Have a good day” and “Have a good night”? It’s not difficult. If it’s light out you say “Have a good day” if it’s dark out you say “Have a good night”. Saying “Have a good one” sounds like you really don’t give a damn. You leave the meaning up to them and that’s just lazy. Having a good one doesn’t include having to figure out what that “good one” is. You’re giving the person extra work to interpret your vague statement. That’s not nice.

You should just tell a person to have a good day. When you simply say “Have a good one” they might take it to mean “Have a good minute” and then when that minute is up they’ll have a horrible accident. Give them a specific amount of time for goodness. Give them the whole day or don’t bother.

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