Dumbass Sayings: “Thank God It’s Friday!”

More like God Damn Tuesday!
Am I right?
Not many phrases are so popular they have a restaurant chain named after them. TGIF is one of them, but do people ever stop to think about how stupid this saying actually is? Friday’s are one of the better days of the week, but you still have to go to work on Friday. Why isn’t the saying “Thank God it’s Saturday!”? Saturday is WAY better than Friday. It’s not even close.

Not only is “TGIF” a corny and overused phrase, but it’s also religiously offensive. I think God would prefer if you thanked him for Sunday. The fact that you don’t is probably a little bit of a bummer for the lord. That’s his day and you’re thanking him for a Friday? He must look down and think “Are these people serious? At least thank me for Saturday! Friday… And they made a restaurant about it with hamburgers soaked in Jack Daniels?!”

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