Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Does My Cat Only Drink From The Sink Faucet?”

Cats are weird.
Dear McFartnuggets: My cat Ethan barely ever drinks water from a dish. He always tries drinking from sink faucets. He loves it so much he even purrs while he’s doing it. Why does Ethan do this?? -- Betsy from Green Bay, Wisconsin

Dear Betsy:
A lot of people wonder why cats drink from faucets after all it doesn’t seem to make any evolutionary sense because cats would never come across falling water in nature. Even if they did find a waterfall, a cat wouldn’t swim into the water to drink from it. HOWEVER, given the drinking options a domestic cat has, drinking from a faucet makes a lot of sense. Have you ever drank from the faucet before? It’s incredible. I wish I could drink from the faucet all the time, but it puts too much stress on my neck. Since cats can’t grasp tiny water bottles or cups to drink from, their only other option is drinking tepid, flat water from a bowl. Is it really such a shock that they choose the running water from a faucet? I think most people would!

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