The Top 5 Things To Never Do During A Street Fight

When you’re in a street fight with a stranger who wants to smash your skull in, there aren’t many rules you have to adhere to. Usually it’s a matter of life or death and you have to do what you have to do. However, there are a few unwritten rules of street fighting and here are the top 5 things you should never do during a hand-to-hand fight to the death:

5. Use a woman or child as a human shield
It may be tempting to grab a nearby person to put between yourself and your opponent if you are taking a lot of damage, but NEVER use a woman or a child. While it may stop the other fighter, there is a chance it won’t and then that makes go from looking like a wuss to an asshole in a big hurry.

Taking a human shield usually gets the police involved.

4. Vomit
Throwing up is not an advisable action during a street fight unless it’s a projectile vomit into the face of your opponent. Then that’s a good surprise attack that can help blind and disorient them. Unfortunately, this is rarely how the vomit comes out and usually you just feel embarrassed and want to go home which will likely not be an option for you at that point.

You definitely don't want to be vomiting blood.

3. Tickle your opponent
Tickling someone during a fight can sometimes freak them out, but more than likely it will just make them angrier.

During a street fight, pigeon feathers are a readily available tickling tool, but resist the temptation.

2. Hum the “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out” theme to yourself
Unlike the other things on this list, there’s really no potential benefit to doing this. Again, it’s only going to make you more punchable to your opponent.

Remember to study your opponent's patterns.

1. Pee your pants
The ultimate worst thing you can do during a street fight is tinkle on yourself. First and foremost it shows that you’re afraid of your opponent and secondly it makes it very uncomfortable to continue. How many times have you seen a street fight end where the guy who peed on himself is the victor? Peeing your pants is almost like the white flag of surrender. It’s conceding defeat the second you lose control of your urethra.

Pissing yourself is not really advantageous in any scenario.

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