Dumbass Sayings: "With All Due Respect"

Whenever you want to verbally berate someone in a higher position of power all you have to say is "With all due respect" beforehand. That lets the person know that you respect them for their job or social status, but not in any other way. Someone people think they can say "With all due respect, your mother is a two dollar trash bag whore." I don't get that at all. Either you respect someone or you don't. If you respect a person then you shouldn't have to say something that requires the "With all due respect" qualifier attached to the beginning. You can't say "With all due respect, I banged your wife last night and she was really good. With all due respect, you're going to be raising my child." You're being incredibly disrespectful and there's nothing you can tack on that sentence before or after that will give me in the impression that you still respect me, Carl!

"With all due respect, you're a worthless piece of crap!"

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