Ask McFartnuggets: "Can I Sue Someone For Kissing Me And Giving Me Herpes?"

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Dear McFartnuggets: I was walking home from a party a few months ago when a guy ran up to me and kissed me on the mouth and ran away. A few days later I noticed blisters on my mouth, had it checked out and it was oral herpes. After doing some investigating on my own I found out it was my Cousin Ed who kissed me that night. Am I able to sue him for what he did?  -- Paula from Little Rock, Arkansas

Dear Paula:
Jeez that sounds terrible. Good news is, I believe you can sue anyone for anything these days. I would guess that falls under "Negligent transmission of disease". I'm not sure what your odds at winning are. I guess it all depends on your evidence.

In addition to suing your cousin I would tell the local sheriff about him. You can't just be running around smooching people on the mouth with lip herpes. That is really messed up. You need to get that sucker sent away so he doesn't hurt anyone else.

Keep in mind of course that herpes is not a death sentence of any kind. Most people have it and don't even know it. Maybe your cousin was trying to spread the love. I guess it makes sense to give everyone herpes because then there's nothing to worry about. The only problem is those disgusting giant blisters. No offense. Anyways, good luck, Paula!

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