Dumbass Sayings: “Just Desserts”

Unless you're diabetic,
getting just desserts isn't that bad.
When someone gets their “Just desserts” it means they’re getting what they deserve, usually in a negative way like a punishment. A lot of people use the phrase “Just desserts” without knowing that it’s really spelled “Just deserts.” If someone’s getting their “Just deserts” then that figuratively means they’re going to be put into a desert to die, which makes sense. If someone’s getting their “Just desserts” then that figuratively means they’re going to be eating only pies and cakes, which does NOT make sense. I think most people would love to get their just desserts. Eventually you’d become really obese and that would suck, but at least you’re eating ice cream all the time so that’s not too awful. Things could be worse, you could be in a desert starving to death trying to eat sand. The only way “Just desserts” would be “Just deserts” is if you’re talking about a diabetic person who would suffer a fatal blood sugar spike.

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