Ask McFartnuggets: "What's The Problem With Freedom Tower Security?"

Is security forgetting to
never forget?
Dear McFartnuggets:
Four daredevils were arrested for base jumping from the top of the Freedom Tower back on September 30th 2013 and just a week ago a 16-year-old passed security to reach the roof. What does this say about the security at One World Trade? Why isn't the Freedom Tower an impenetrable fortress? Why didn't Port Authority security learn from the base jumpers last September? And how many nonthreatening breaches of security will they have before the wrong person slips through? -- Edwin from Brooklyn, New York

Dear Edwin:
Wow what the hell is that an essay question? Okay let me try to answer this. What do these things say about Freedom Tower security? Clearly it sucks.

Why isn't the Freedom Tower an impenetrable fortress? Well, it's called the Freedom Tower. It's kind of weird to have something called Freedom and have it be a sort of moat surrounded castle of doom.

Why didn't they learn from the B.A.S.E. jumpers last September? I can't say for sure. They're probably too focused on basement security given the threat of bombing. There isn't much that can be done from a roof. Maybe someone can throw a potato sack of pennies off the roof and try to kill people that way, but who knows.

I think the biggest factor here is GoPro cameras and social media. It's now a trend to get past skyscraper security and record yourself climbing a spire or base jumping. If it stays at that then I suppose it's fine but if it highlights security flaws that are never addressed then I think we can all blame the next 9/11 on GoPro cameras. Thanks for the question, Edwin.

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