The Top 5 Worst Possible Times To Sneeze

Always have a towel handy for
full sneeze containment.
Sneezing is usually just an annoying reflex your brain has when it senses tickling in your sinuses. Unfortunately, there can be times when sneezing is more than just annoying and can be a damaging or severely embarrassing experience. A powerful sneeze can be like a grenade going off in your face, exploding through your nose and mouth. As we all know grenades can be very dangerous if you're in the wrong place. These are the top 5 worst times to sneeze:

5. While eating
If you’ve ever sneezed with a mouthful of food you know how embarrassing that can be especially if you’re eating something weird like fried pig intestines.

Sneezing food all over everyone is a great way to ruin a fancy dinner party.

4. While trying to take an amazing nature photograph of wild animals
When you’re taking photos of a pride of lions in the savanna it’s important to remain as silent as possible and sneezing will usually result in the animals either running away, or chasing and eating you.

Wild animals won't say "God bless you" they'll send you straight to him instead.

3. During a nosebleed
Sneezing during a nosebleed is one of those things that’s very embarrassing and messy. One minute you’re worried about stopping a nosebleed, the next, you’re worried about cleaning up what looks like a potential murder crime scene.

This is what it looks like when you sneeze during a nosebleed while cooking.

2. While giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
Sneezing during mouth-to-mouth can actually be very dangerous. If for some reason you’re unable to turn your head and you sneeze directly into the person’s lungs with full force there’s a chance it could kill them, or maybe it bring them back to life instantly, who knows? What I do know is there’d be a load of germs directly in their lungs which is never good. 

You really don't want to be blamed for killing someone you were trying to save.

And the number one worst possible time to sneeze is...

1. While hiding from a murderer
If you’ve ever been hiding in your bedroom closet during a home invasion then you know the number one thing 9-1-1 operators tell you is to stay quiet and hopefully the murderer won’t discover you there before the police arrive. One excellent way to tell a murderer where you are is by sneezing. It’s basically like an alarm going off that says “Kill me!”

Don't be the victim of a murder/massage.

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