Ask McFartnuggets: “Is It Okay To Make Jokes About Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?”

You never want to joke about a incomplete
situation that has an unsure outcome.
Dear McFartnuggets: I made a joke about the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 at a party the other day and about half of the people thought it was funny and the other half thought it was offensive. I don’t get it. The plane is just missing there’s no proof the people are dead. Plus they’re basically all Chinese! The families are never going to hear my joke. Am I wrong? Is it okay to make jokes about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? -- Derrick from Flint, Michigan

Dear Derrick:
Because your jokes are about a missing plane and not proven dead people you might think it’s safe to joke about, but it’s not. If the plane were to turn up safe with everyone onboard alive then all the jokes you made would be considered fine. However, as more time passes with the plane gone and the likelihood of it having crashed and sunk into the ocean without a trace increase, those jokes are just not acceptable. You have to assume that the people on that plane are all dead which is grim and probably more painful for the families than a joke about them missing, but it’s best to tread on the safe side. Just assume they’re dead and it’s a horrible tragedy and not some wacky mysterious flight into another dimension where all those people are living on an island made of candy. While the latter may be happening, you just can’t assume that when you’re faced with that many possible deaths. And it doesn’t matter whether they’re Chinese, Malaysian, Bangladeshi, or Canadian, human death is human death and you should respect it. Thanks for the question, Derrick!

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