The Top 5 Most UNLUCKY Animal Feet Keychains

When it comes to lucky animal feet, rabbits are pretty much the only game in town. You can try cutting off different animals’ feet and attaching your keys to them for a lucky charm, but most of the time you won’t get much luck at all from them. Here are the top five worst severed foot keychains to have:

5. Mouse
Even if a severed mouse foot keychain was lucky, a mouse foot is so damn small it wouldn’t pack enough luck to make a difference. You’d need to have like fifty mice feet in a tiny vial attached to your keys and that’s just a little creepy.

Having a mouse foot on your keys won't make them any easier to find.

4. Elephant
Having an elephant’s foot keychain will not bring you good luck at all. If anything it will just be a huge burden for you to carry around everywhere. You’ll need a separate bag or case to carry the thing around with you and while that might be good exercise, it won’t bring any substantial luck.

It's just not worth the hassle to carry around an elephant's foot.

3. Panda
Pandas are a protected species and so cutting off one’s foot and carrying it around with you is not recommended. You will likely end up in jail especially if you’re in China. Lord knows what they will do to you there. Definitely not good luck.

Rabbits have sex all the time, their feet are lucky.
Pandas basically never have sex. So that should mean their feet aren't lucky.

2. Polar Bear
Polar bears, like pandas are protected and so you face all the same issues with cutting off a polar bear’s foot that you do with pandas. However polar bears are worse because getting the foot is going to be much more difficult. Odds are the polar bear will kill you. A panda is a pushover compared to a polar bear. Also, we all know polar bears are going extinct so just leave them be. They don’t need people chopping their feet off for good luck.

Polar bears have enough problems without people chopping off their feet.

1. Human
Even though human beings are not an endangered species they still are a “protected” species, protected by law. You cut off a human foot and the owner of said foot and police will come after you, no questions about it. Plus, it’s weird to carry around a decomposing human foot with you everywhere. It’s a conversation starter, but not the good kind!

Even if you find someone with four feet, you're still not allowed to take one.

To clarify, none of these animal feet have been proven to bring any real luck. Hell, even rabbit feet are questionable. Do not waste your time! Trust me it’ll bring far more trouble than good.

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