Dumbass Sayings “Pissed Off”

When people get really angry they say they’re “Pissed off.” For some reason we just accept this to mean angry and don’t really think anymore about it. What does it mean to be “Pissed off” exactly? To me, being pissed off means being so angry that your rage is powerful enough to involuntarily force the urine out of your bladder. That’s how you know someone’s really mad. You might think someone is a little irritated by you, but if they’re literally pissing on themselves you know their anger is driving them to pure madness. Yet who actually does that? When was the last time you saw someone pee in their pants out of rage? If you actually do angrily piss yourself then that would speak for itself. You wouldn’t need a term for that like being “pissed off.” That would be for someone else to say, which of course would only make you angrier at which point you might then become “Shitted off”.

"Here are our urine jugs!"
"Just put them on the table, freaks."

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