Dumbass Sayings: "Crazy Good"

Since when is being crazy
considered good?
As many of you know.the current slogan for Pop Tarts is "Crazy good." What a horrible slogan that is. First off, Pop tarts are good, but that's about as far as I would go in describing them. I would not add the adjective crazy to describe a toaster pastry. If you're going to label anything "crazy good" why not cocaine or bath salts? If you've ever had either of those then you know at the time you actually feel "crazy good", maybe more crazy than good when it comes to bath salts. Who legitimately eats a Pop Tart then chooses to describe it as "crazy good"? Someone who's never had food before maybe.

The other reason this is a dumb saying is because children are eating Pop Tarts, reading the box and accepting the term "Crazy good" as a real phrase. The proper version of this saying is "Crazily good". Education in America is bad enough without kids running around saying "crazy good". We need children to properly recognize adverbs and Pop Tarts are not helping.

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