Dumbass Sayings: “Just Be Yourself”

Keep in mind being "yourself"
doesn't always pay off in social
situations. Especially if yourself
wants shark teeth.
Whenever you creep a woman out and ask a friend for advice on how to seduce them effectively they’ll generally say “Just be yourself!” Yeah, wow that’s real helpful! Be yourself? When are you NOT yourself? Anything you do is being yourself unless you’re in a disguise claiming to be a different person. Whether I’m speaking with a Spanish accent or talking like a surfer that’s still ME. That’s still my mind choosing to make those decisions because I think that’s how I should act. How much more yourself can you get than that?

We identify ourselves through our instincts so when your instinct is to try to be someone else, that’s still you. Someone else has to tell you to stop doing that and go back to how you were before you started trying to impress people. That’s not you, that’s who you WERE before a friend told you to change. “Just be yourself” doesn’t literally mean “Be yourself” it means “Don’t make an ass out of yourself like you normally do when you’re nervous.” But if people said it like that it would sound a lot more hurtful so they sugarcoat it.

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