The Top 5 Worst Places To Grow Your Hair Out

There are lots of reasons to grow your hair out these days. Beards have never been more popular and when people see mustaches they think Cancer awareness not child molester like they used to. However, it’s not okay to grow your hair out EVERYWHERE. There still are certain areas of the human body that society says should not have super long hair and here are the top 5:

5. Armpit
No one really knows what armpit hair is for so you might think it’s okay to style it into underarm pony tails, but that tends to freak people out.

There's a reason you can't get your girlfriends to come over to braid your armpit hair. It's gross.

4. Crotch
It’s important to keep a lid on your crotch hair. No one’s saying you have to do a full Brazilian wax, but you shouldn’t have a pubic mohawk sticking out of your pants that’s for damn sure.

Your crotch should never look like you're smuggling the decapitated head of Buckwheat from "The Little Rascals" in your trousers.

3. Ears
One of the weirdest places to have long hair growing is your ears and it can actually negatively affect your hearing. Shaving inside the ear can get a little tricky, but it’s a necessary procedure to keep your ear canals clear.

If you're having a hard time hearing, before you waste a doctor's time make sure your ears are freshly shaved.

2. Nose
Few things are as disturbing as seeing someone with really long hair growing out of their nostrils. If your nose hairs are long enough that people confuse them for mustache hairs then that’s a sure sign you need to do some trimming.

If you're tying your nose hair into braids, that's too long.

1. Anus
Anus hair is the number one worst kind of hair to grow too long. A good rule to go by is if your anus hair is long enough to braid, it’s too long. No one likes seeing butt dreadlocks. It should never look like you’re pooping out Bob Ross or Whoopi Goldberg.

This is how my butthole looks. Is this normal?

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