Dumbass Sayings: “Great Minds Think Alike”

"Yeah Al, I was just about get
breakfast too! I guess great
minds think alike, eh?!"
“Great minds think alike” is something that people say when they both come up with a smart idea like when you and a prostitute think “We should use a condom.” That’s a good idea, but it’s not a GREAT idea from GREAT minds. A great mind is a genius mind and a genius is someone who excels at creative and original work. Original means no one else has thought of it before. While great minds can think alike from time to time, it’s far more common for idiots to think alike. Great minds are trying deliberately to NOT think alike so they can invent things and create things no one has ever conceived of before. An idiot is thinking “Let me go get drunk and pee on everything.” Well guess what? Hundreds and thousands of people think that every night. That’s a lot of minds thinking alike on a frequent basis and they’re certainly not “great”. The saying should be “Dumb minds think alike” and it would actually be a saying if enough idiots were smart enough to know how dumb they are.

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