Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Do We Say The Pledge of Allegiance Every Day?”

Even in space you've gotta keep pledging!
Dear McFartnuggets: How come every day in school they make us say the Pledge of Allegiance? Shouldn’t we be able to say it once and mean it than have to say it every single morning when most people probably stop even thinking about what it means anymore?-- Kelley from Birmingham, Alabama

Dear Kelley:
The Pledge isn’t one of those things you can just say once, it has to be repeated every morning to keep your patriotism strong! Freedom is a lot like water. It’s vital to a happy life and has to be replenished constantly. If you were to stop saying The Pledge of Allegiance then you’d probably forget about how much that flag means to you. The flag is all about freedom and when you’re trapped in a school or work all day long that’s draining the freedom out of you, you’re basically peeing away your freedom. The freedom must then be replaced every single morning otherwise you run the risk of turning into a Communist or a zombie. Just to be safe, I say the Pledge a few times a day. If I know I’m going on vacation or some place where I might not be within sight of a flag I’ll say it a couple dozen times in a row just to store up enough patriotism to hold me over. Saying the Pledge every morning is important and you have to mean it every time! If you try to phone it in, the flag will know. Thanks for the question, Kelley!

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