Ask McFartnuggets: "I Slipped In A Pregnant Woman's Broken Water, Can I Sue Her?"

They're supposed to put up a sign
when a woman's water breaks.
Dear McFartnuggets: I was walking through Best Buy when I slipped and hit the back of my head on the tile floor. When I came to I learned that I had slipped in the amniotic fluid of a pregnant woman who had been there shopping for speakers. According to the employees, they didn't know it happened. Supposedly she just crapped her water out and walked out without telling anyone. Is it possible for me to sue this woman for what she did to me? -- Oscar from Little Rock, Arkansas

Dear Oscar:
While it's understandable to want to blame the pregnant woman for leaving her water there without telling anyone, it's really the Best Buy's fault. You'd have to test the DNA from the fluid and hope the bitch has a criminal record. She was probably just in a hurry because she was in labor. It'd be nice if pregnant ladies would stay to mop up their own mess, but they're usually too concerned with themselves pooping a human out.

It's the store's responsibility to clean up any messes on their floors. They can't plead ignorance on that. Who knows how long that fluid was on the floor? An employee should have been walking by and seen this and handled the cleanup. Plus you'll probably feel a lot better suing a major company than some lady who just gave birth. Having a baby is expensive so the last thing they need is someone suing them for everything they've got. Thanks for the question, Oscar. I hope your head feels better!

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