The Number One Best Way To Pass Time When You're Bored

Usually people will wake you up
when it's time to leave.
It doesn't matter if you love your job or enjoy life, you're going to encounter situations where you are bored beyond belief. Most people resort to whistling, playing Fruit Ninja, or talking to other people, but those aren't always available. Maybe you're alone, without an iPad, and you lost your lips in a fire. Well those methods are no good! There is one great way to pass time no matter who you are and it's so simple you'll want kick yourself in the neck for not thinking of it sooner.

See how long you can hold your breath.

Hold your breath as long as you can while timing yourself and then keep trying to surpass that record. It will make time seem like it's going slow at first because you're noting every single second that passes, but once you start getting up there you increase the likelihood of passing out. When you pass out it's basically like time traveling because you'll likely wake up a few hours later and have no idea what happened. What was once a five hour wait at the airport is now completely gone in an instant and you're already on the plane. How did you get there? Who can say for sure? Who really cares? Point is you're not bored anymore and you can get back to enjoying life. The only thing I could caution here is to not do this anywhere near sharp corners or if you have a history of stroke personally or in your family. Scientists may not have figured out how to go back in time yet, but the way to the future is as easy as one, two, three minutes depriving oxygen to your head.

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