Dumbass Sayings: “There’s No I in Team”

There is an "I" in "Log carrying."
There may not be an “I” in the word “team” but what significance does that really hold? Does this mean you can only be selfish when you’re participating in something that has a letter “I” in it? If that’s the case then there is an “I” in “Intercourse” I should just “masturbate” instead, but there’s no I in that! There’s no “I” in team, but there is “Meat”. Does that mean I should show up to the basketball court with a satchel full of raw veal shanks? No, that’s insane.

I buy presents for myself on other people’s birthdays because there’s an “I” in “Gift”, but there’s no “U”. See what happens when you keep following this rule of initials holding meaning in a word? It stops making sense REAL FAST. There’s no “I” in “Eye”, but there is a “Y”, as in, why do people talk like this?

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