Dumbass Sayings: “You’re In My Prayers”

Hands are an integral
part of praying. 
Saying “You’re in my prayers” is basically saying “Get well soon” to people who aren’t going to get well soon. You can’t tell someone with terminal cancer to “Get well soon”, but you can tell them they’re in your prayers. It’s a nice thing to say, but it doesn’t really help anyone. If you’re praying for someone then that should be enough. If you’re good at praying then your  prayers should be able to help them right away so you shouldn’t need to tell them anything. The only reason you would tell them they’re in your prayers is if you wanted some credit for helping them, which is selfish. Unfortunately, for whatever reason most prayers tend not to come true so we have to settle for just alerting people to the fact we’re praying for them.

The worst is when you tell someone they’re in your prayers and then you don’t even pray for them.  A lot of people must be doing that. There isn’t enough time in the day to pray for all the people you wish you could keep in your prayers. Plus, you gotta look out for yourself and your family first and foremost, so those prayers come first and are the strongest from your heart. Praying for someone you barely know or just heard about in the news has to be a very low level prayer that god may or may not even take seriously.

Also, telling someone “You’re in my prayers” isn’t exactly comforting. If you said “I’m only praying for you” then maybe that would seem like you’ve got a better chance, but if you’re only one in a laundry list of prayers the person has, that dilutes the odds of your being helped or healed. God only has so much time to grant people’s wishes so odds are he’s going to pick and choose from people’s lists. Clearly, he doesn’t grant every single prayer, it’s only a few in a lifetime that actually get picked out. Therefore, being in someone’s prayers is basically like saying they got you a lottery ticket except they’ll hold onto it with their thousands of others for themselves. Gee, thanks!

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