Ask McFartnuggets: "Can I Ride A Motorcycle While I'm Pregnant?"

Do they make leather jackets
for fetuses?
Dear McFartnuggets: I'm one month pregnant and my husband got a new motorcycle. I love riding, but I'm afraid it could put my baby at risk. Should I ride or not? -- Amber from Valdosta, Georgia

Dear Amber:
I don't believe there are any laws prohibiting you from riding a motorcycle while pregnant. It's really no more dangerous than driving a car. However I would recommend that before you hit the road, see if you can either buy or make some kind of turtle shell protective device that covers your belly. It would be basically like a helmet for the unborn. Then god forbid you have an accident your stomach will be completely protected. You might be dead, but it gives paramedics a much better chance to save the kid. And I guess this goes without saying, but if you're definitely going to ride, please refrain from doing any wheelies or other stunts or tricks. Congrats on the pregnancy and good luck, Amber!

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