Dumbass Sayings: “My Life Is Complete!”

Now if SHE said it,
you might take her seriously.
Sometimes people will eat something delicious like an ice cream cone or barbecue ribs and say “Ohh this is so good! My life is complete!” Despite that, you rarely see the person then commit suicide after. They’re clearly lying. If their life was really complete, meaning finished; ended; or concluded; then you could kill them and no one would have a problem with that. If your life is literally complete, that means there’s no reason to keep on living. The main reason murder is illegal is because the killer is ending the life of people whose lives are not complete.

No one’s life is really complete. Even people who have become brain dead or really sick to the point where they request suicide aren’t really “complete”, they’re just forced to come to that conclusion by their illness. Because it’s impossible to be made complete by eating a cheesecake then that makes the statement “My life is complete” one of the biggest exaggerations there is. It’s so excessive that it should be taken to be sarcastic. Thing is, people don’t take this to be sarcastic. Usually it genuinely means that you’re enjoying something and that doesn’t make sense. Either make a real statement or be sarcastic, you can’t do both!

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