Dumbass Sayings: “You Know?”

“You know” is something people say during sentences to fill awkward silences while their brains search for the next thing to say. It’s just a complicated way of saying “Umm” or “Uhh”. When you say “You know?” during a sentence you’re literally asking the person if they know what you’re saying. Why is that something you need to ask someone? If they don’t know then you should keep talking and if they do know then you should stop talking, but no one ever stops do they? You never hear a teacher say “You know?” during a lecture because if the students knew they wouldn’t be there. When a normal person says “You know?” we all know what they’re talking about but they just keep on going anyway even though WE KNOW what they mean. Of course no one even takes saying “You know?” as an actual question. It’s just a meaningless thing people throw into their sentences. Why not say something interesting instead of that like “Chili dogs?” or “Noble gases?” Those would make just as much sense as saying “You know?”.

"Bob, you really, you know,
freak people out when you, you know,
 dress like that at parties."

Bob knows. He just doesn't give a damn.

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