Dumbass Sayings: “Making Ends Meet”

"Making ends meet" sounds
like something that German
 Human Centipede doctor
 would do.
For some reason paying bills is called “making ends meet.” Does that make any sense to you? This saying implies that ends either meet or they don’t, but as we all know, making money has a much farther range than that. If only making ends meet was enough for people, maybe we wouldn’t see such greed and economic disparity among people.

“Making ends meet” is a horrible metaphor. When you say you’re “making ends meet” it actually sounds more like you’ve created some kind of weird dating fetish website that pairs up people who get off on rubbing their butts together. That would literally be making ends meet and maybe if it’s a paid service then that’s how you figuratively make ends meet as well, but that’s still ridiculous. Or maybe you arrange funerals to be held adjacent to one another at the same time. That’s probably a better use of the term “Making ends meet.” At least you can somehow see why those words mean that. The current definition just doesn’t really work.

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