Dumbass Saying: "Under The Weather"

For some reason when a person is sick we say they're "Under the weather". Why is that? Is it because they're under rain clouds getting wet and catching a cold? Yeah that sort of makes sense except for the fact that technically EVERYONE is under the weather at all times. When are you not "under the weather?" Unless you're in space shuttle orbiting Earth you're never "over the weather." Even in planes people are still under as well as in the weather. That's what turbulence is. If only airlines could find a way to always fly over the weather there might be fewer aviation disasters dealing with air currents and lightning strikes. Plus, none if the passengers would ever get sick! Oddly enough when the zombie apocalypse comes you're going to want to be in an underground bunker cut off from society. That's about as far under the weather as you can get and ironically you'll be the only one without the highly contagious sickness.

Sometimes being under the weather looks cool. Not when you're vomiting, but when giant green ghost farts fill the sky.

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