Dumbass Sayings: "There Are Other Fish In The Sea"

There must be a shoe sale going on!
Whenever your girlfriend or wife dies in a tragic accident people usually try to console you by saying "Calm down, there are other fish in the sea." First off why are you comparing women to fish? That's incredibly insulting. Is it because of vaginal odor? That's crass.

You should compare women to dolphins because of how intelligent and beautiful they are. Of course if you did that it wouldn't be too comforting because dolphins aren't THAT plentiful. You don't just see millions of dolphins flipping around in the ocean. You have to search for dolphins and when you do find them it's a magical moment for everyone and you're so excited you never want to forget it. That's not exactly the best way to comfort someone who's had a significant other die.

Saying "There are other fish in the sea" is like the adult version of "We'll get you another puppy" when a child's dog dies. Well I don't want another puppy! I want Angela back damnit! Why did you take her god? WHY!

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