Dumbass Saying: "Walk A Mile In Someone Else's Shoes"

So basically, never judge women.
They say you should never judge a person until you've walked a mile in their shoes. I don't agree with this saying at all. First off, it's incredibly inconvenient. No one wants to be judged, but even fewer people want to loan their shoes out to a person they hardly know just so that person can weirdly earn the right to judge them about an hour later. Even worse is if someone won't let you borrow their shoes then you have to steal them. Now you're out walking in no particular direction with another person's shoes on in the hopes that when you return them you've fulfilled the prerequisites to make presumptions about their character. It's ridiculous.

I think basically what people are insinuating with this saying is old people, the morbidly obese, people with giant feet, and people in wheelchairs have no right to judge others. Personally I feel that everyone has an equal right to judge others regardless of whether they can walk a mile in different shoes. Oddly enough, if anyone deserves to be judged its shoe thieves.

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