Dumbass Sayings: "Go With Your Gut"

Maybe if fewer people went with
their gut, obesity wouldn't be such
a huge problem in America.
A lot of people these days like to "Go with their gut" when making decisions. Going with your gut means making a decision based on your instincts usually with disregard to logic and facts. These decisions don't come from your gut, they usually come from your balls or you pull them out of your ass. The only time you're going with your gut is when you're deciding what to have for lunch. Selecting a meal is the only proper use of the term "Going with your gut" yet you never hear someone saying that. When was the last time you heard someone say "I think I'm gonna go with my gut on this one and have the turkey sandwich."? No one says that. Another proper usage would be "I think I'm gonna go with my gut and vomit." No one actually attributes this saying to actual stomach functions. No one uses this saying correctly.

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