5 Easy Ways To Make Money Without Getting A Job

In today’s age, finding a good job is harder than ever. So many Americans and people all over the world are struggling to find good work. Even if you have a job you know it’s not so easy when you have a boss breathing down your neck. Well if you’re strapped for cash you might want to consider a few of these easy ventures to help make money:

5. Hold doors open for people
This is a pretty popular method you don’t see done nearly enough. In an age where “doorman” is still a real profession there’s really nothing stopping anyone from being a freelance doorman. Just go to any high traffic building and open the door for people coming in and out. It helps to shake a cup of change at them too while you’re doing this so they know you’re not just some psycho holding the door open for free. If you want even more money try shooting compliments at the people as they pass. Everyone likes a compliment. Even if you don’t get any money from them you’re still making the world a brighter place.

Believe it or not, some people will pay you to be a human brick.

4. Walk people under your umbrella
This one is only good for when it’s raining or snowing, but it’s a great moneymaker. All you need is a giant umbrella and patience. When it starts to pour go around looking for idiots who don’t have an umbrella and offer them a spot under your umbrella and escort them to where they need to go. It’s kind of like a walking taxi ride. Most people will pay good money to not be soaked to the bone. You’re also saving them lots of money if they would otherwise catch a cold. Then if they don’t pay you, at least you can hit them with the umbrella.

Every douchebag loves a personal umbrella servant.

3. Supply ashy people with lotion
How many times have you been in drastic need of lotion when you realized you left it at home. In the winter everyone’s skin gets ashy so if you want to make money just get a giant tub of lotion wholesale then look for ashy ass people and offer them a squirt for a dollar. Anyone who’s had some ashy skin will tell you its worth every penny. Of course the less homeless you look the better. No one wants creamy fluid from some guy who looks like he made it himself.

There ain't nothing worse than being ashy.

2. Give haircuts on the train
Getting a haircut is such a hassle. You have to go to the barber or salon and sit there making small talk and then on top of all that you have to pay them exorbitant fees plus tips? Screw that! If you want to make money just have scissors and clippers with you on the subway or bus and offer people quick haircuts while they’re on the go. It makes perfect sense to eliminate the time waste of a haircut by packing it into commuting time that would otherwise be wasted. Then let them pay what they want to. If they don’t like the haircut and you feel bad, it’s free. If you feel like you did a good job and they won’t pay you, buzz a chunk of their hair off.

Not a recommended method of cutting hair.

1. Be a public bathroom attendant
We’ve all seen movies where there’s a bathroom attendant in a fancy bathroom. It’s a sign of class and dignity to have someone offer you a mint after you just got done holding your penis. How many times have you been crapping in a public bathroom and realized there’s no toilet paper. What would you have paid for there to be a bathroom attendant there to hand you a fresh roll under the stall door? It’s a need that most of us don’t see until it’s too late. Bathroom attendants will always make money as long as nature keeps calling.

Who doesn't enjoy being treated like a king while they're sitting on the porcelain throne?

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