5 Things You Should NEVER Let Your Baby Do

There are certain activities babies
just weren't made to handle.
There are things that adults do in their daily lives that babies should never do. It’s important to recognize these things so you don’t accidentally include a baby in your activities and cause serious damage to them that can negatively affect their development. Here are the top 5 everyday things babies shouldn’t do aside from the obvious like driving or smoking:

5. Wear glasses
Some people who have babies with poor vision have special infant prescription glasses made for them, but really, it’s a baby. How important is razor sharp vision? Let the kid’s eyes develop a little before you start slapping goggles to their face.

4. Ride roller coasters
Most babies will not fit properly in a roller coaster seat and the safety belt will have too much slack. Even if you hold them in your lap it’s still not safe especially if you’re on one with a lot of loop de loops and your baby drools a lot. And even IF you manage to hold on to your slippery baby on all those spirals and turns, doctors don’t yet know the negative impact such forces can have on a developing brain. Don’t risk it. Leave the baby off the coaster.
3. Ski
It’s a shame skiing is so dangerous. It’s not like golf or basketball where you can get a kid started off really early to help groom them into a star athlete. If you put a baby on a ski slope that’s not grooming a child prodigy, that’s child endangerment.

2. Crowd surf
Some parents despite all common sense like to bring their babies to rock concerts. If you must bring a baby to a concert, please give it ear plugs and for the love of god don’t let it into a mosh pit or let it crowd surf. Letting a baby crowd surf starts off all fun and happy everyone’s laughing having a good time, but before you know it your baby a kilometer away. Even if you find your baby, think of all the filthy hands that have been on it. That’s not safe or healthy and it’s no way to treat a baby even if it is your “little rockstar”.

1. Bungee jump
Babies love being thrown into the air, they love being in those bouncer jumpy chairs, so you’d think they’d love bungee jumping. WRONG! What’s the number one rule when it comes to babies? Never drop them! Well bungee jumping is like the ultimate drop and it really doesn’t matter if they snap back up. The damage is done.

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