5 Rejected Human Centipede Movie Ideas

Who wouldn't want to see a mermaid centipede?
The film series “Human Centipede” has familiarized the world with the trend of sewing people’s mouths to other people’s bottoms in a continuous conga line of horror. Everyone loves a good human centipede, but what can the filmmakers and psychotic German doctors of the world do to keep pushing the envelope? Here are some ideas they might want to look into:

5. Centipede Centipede
This is where you take a bunch of actual centipede insects and sew them together. I wouldn’t recommend trying this at home considering how venomous centipedes can be. I doubt they would enjoy this much.

4. Zombie Human Centipede
What’s more overplayed than the Human Centipede? Zombies! So why not combine the two and make a human centipede out of zombies! How scary would that be! Fortunately they wouldn’t be too difficult to run from.

3. Mermaid Centipede
I just want to see what a human centipede of mermaids would look like. Do mermaids even have anuses? It would be fun just to try and watch them swim when they’re all linked up.

2. Sasquatch Centipede
Maybe Sasquatches are hiding from humanity because they’re afraid someone would try to sew them ass to mouth in a Bigfoot centipede. Well, if you’re reading this, Sasquatch. No one’s going to try that! This is just an idea and a REJECTED one. People don’t even want to see it in a movie much less real life. You can come out and stop hiding! Come out of the woods. It’s okay to be different!

1. Human Centipede Mega Millipede
A giant chain of separate individual human centipedes spanning the globe linked together like Hands Across America.

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