Dumbass Saying: “A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush”

Is this where the term
birdbrain came from?
This is one of the most confusing sayings ever and it’s not used very often in everyday life for that reason. “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”? First of all, what are you doing with birds in your bush? One would be bad enough! I would hope they’re small birds like hummingbirds or tiny robins. God help you if you’ve got American Bald Eagles or Turkey Vultures in there. If that’s the case you could use a trim down there! Now if you’re letting birds stay in your pubes as some kind of nature conservation effort bird sanctuary thing then I guess that’s okay, but those birds need to be transitioned back into nature eventually. You may have quite a nest downstairs, but it’s no substitute for a real bird’s nest. That’s no place to raise a chick. A bird in a tree is worth ten in your bush. At a certain point that must qualify as animal cruelty to some extent. I don’t even want to know how you’re feeding them.

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