Dumbass Sayings: “Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst”

Always prepare for the wurst.
A very popular saying is “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.” This means be optimistic, however don’t be caught off guard when bad things happen. Taken literally it’s not a good message. You can’t be prepared for the WORST. That’s what makes it THE WORST. “The worst” in any given situation is the ground breaking open revealing Hell and demons flying out of the center of the Earth as the skies rain fire. That’s what I think of as the worst. It could also mean you’re being sexually assaulted while your family is being tortured by a gang of psychotic clowns. I think a lot of people would consider that scenario to be “The worst”. No one could ever be truly prepared for something like that.

I think this saying is the reason so many people want guns in their home. Preparing for the worst basically means “Be paranoid”. At that point each individual person’s imagination goes wild and they fantasize about being attacked by the government, or illegal immigrants, or legal minorities, or demons from the center of the earth. If you spend enough time thinking that’s possible, yeah, you’re going to want an assault rifle with you at all times. It really doesn’t matter what you’re hoping for at that point. Whether it’s “the best” or just being able to shoot someone and be a hero, that’s not a healthy thing. The real saying should be “Hope for the best, but prepare for an outcome where it doesn’t work out the way you expected.”

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