The Top 5 BEST Foods That Aren’t Socially Acceptable To Eat On The Go

One of the best ways to multitask and save time during the day is to eat while on the go. Unfortunately there are certain foods that may be healthy and great tasting that just aren’t okay to eat while on the go in public. Here are the top 5:

5. Avocado
Avocados are a popular “superfood” but when was the last time you saw someone chomping away at one while walking through the park?

If you're enjoying an avocado pop in public, people tend to stare.

4. Insects
It’s a shame that eating bugs is really only something you can do in private because there are so many available outside. How many times have you walked by a bush full of caterpillars and thought “Wow I would eat those for a quick energy boost right now, but everyone would stare at me and call me a freak!”?

Insects are a crunchy, delicious source of protein and awkward pointing from strangers.

3. Fish
Any kind of fish is weird to eat in public in your hands as evidenced by Danny DeVito as The Penguin in “Batman Returns”. You can’t just walk around holding a trout or cradling a swordfish in your arms as you gnaw away at it on the bus.

If you've ever tried eating a Sunfish on a crowded elevator you know how weird it can get.

2. Bacon
Bacon is arguably the best food ever, but if it’s so good how come you don’t see people eating it all over the place? Bacon is pretty much a restaurant and at-home food. You’ll never see someone eating a plate of bacon while walking to work. If you see someone pull out a case of pre-cooked bacon strips they packed for on-the-go eating you think “What the hell is wrong with this person?” What? They like bacon! Can you blame them?

America loves bacon, yet still can't come to terms with a man pulling a couple of slices of these bad boys out of his wallet for a quick snack while waiting on line at the pharmacy.

1. Pumpkin
There’s really nothing weirder than seeing someone driving down the highway eating a pumpkin behind the wheel of their car especially when it’s Spring or Summer. Eating pumpkins in public isn’t socially acceptable because of how cumbersome and sloppy they are. There’s no way to get around that. Even if you scoop out all the pumpkin guts into a baggie and sip it with a big straw people will still give you dirty looks.

Why do you even think there's a candle inside there? It's to keep the pumpkin flesh warm for impromptu snacking!

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