5 Popular Stereotypes That Can’t Possibly Be True

The thing about stereotypes is you think you see proof of them all the time, but with some there’s so much evidence to the contrary there’s no way they could be true. Most stereotypes crumble because overwhelming facts trump anecdotal evidence.

1. Blondes are dumb.
Yes, a lot of hot blonde women are dumb, a lot of hot women are dumb, but not all of them and not because they’re blonde. If blondes were really dumb then countries like Sweden and Finland would be home to the stupidest idiots known to man. Obviously that isn’t true. Furthermore, most of those icy Nordic countries rank highest in the world in education.

Marilyn Monroe must have been smart, I've seen so many of her quotes on Facebook.

2. Asians are the worst drivers.
This one is part true and part false. Obviously we all know an Asian who can’t drive for shit, but pick any ethnicity and you could say the same. If Asians were the worst drivers then cars wouldn’t even exist in places like China and Japan, they’d all be wrecked. If one Asian driver is bad in America what kind of damage would occur when it was ALL Asians? Well clearly their roads aren’t constantly blanketed with exploding cars, so this can’t be totally true. I say it can’t totally be true because according to statistics, India is home to the most car accidents on a yearly basis and technically India is a part of Asia.

If Asians are such bad drivers why aren't airbags called "Asian face pillows?"

3. Women love talking.
There’s a stereotype that women love talking all the time, but if that’s true how come they’re so silent around me? I might see a group of women talking to each other and then walk up and as soon as I do they all stop. If they really loved to talk they would talk to me instead of making me feel awkward until I walked away. This stereotype is clearly false.

She doesn't seem like a big talker.

4. Lesbians are mean
Some people observe that lesbians seem angry or meaner than heterosexual women and that’s not true. If they seem a little more upset than a straight woman it’s because they’re trying to get women all the time, which as straight men know can get pretty damn depressing. It has nothing to do with actually being a lesbian, it’s just how the world works.

This was porn for people back then and you know what? They were glad to have it! How scary is that.

5. Dwarfs are magical
Just because you know a dwarf who’s the life of the party and lights up a room when he enters doesn’t mean he’s magical or has a pot of gold. I’m sure if they were actually mystical they would find a way to get rid of the many medical issues that plague them so show some respect! They’re normal people who have to deal with the same problems everyone else does and then some!

If cute is magic then yeah dwarfs are magical, but then every puppy would be Criss Angel.

The main problem with stereotypes is they’re so damning. A stereotype is more of an accusation than an observation. Anyone can make an observation and if they phrase it politely enough like “Hey, American blonde women are not always geniuses” or “Asian taxi drivers make me nervous” then stereotypes probably wouldn’t be as big of a problem. The whole problem lies in the anger and contempt so many people attach to the stereotypes they hold as fact. If we could just eliminate that it could be a big step in the right direction.

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