The Top 5 Most Dangerous Sports For Children To Play Other Than Football

These days there’s a lot of controversy over whether or not parents should allow their children to play football when there is such a high risk for concussions. But football is child’s play compared to some other sports. Here are the top 5 sports you should never let your children play:

5. Snowmobile
It seems like snowmobiling is one of the most dangerous sports around. Nearly every year at the X-Games some guy dies in a snowmobile event. That’s the world’s best snowmobilers competing and even they flip and land on their necks. Probably not a good idea to let your little one on one of those snowy death machines.

Photo from the first Winter X Games.

4. Skeleton
Some people argue that the feet first luge is more dangerous than skeleton because of the faster speeds, but with skeleton you’re going head first so it doesn’t take a lot of speed to prevent your child from ever going to college. Risking your child’s legs is one thing, but the brain should be sacred.

Why even bother wearing a helmet?

3. Boxing
Boxing is a great way to build strength and character. Unfortunately it’s also a great way to get Alzheimer’s and other mental disorders. You’ll probably also find that it’s difficult to find opponents for your child since most parents don’t get their kids into boxing until the teenage years.

Unless you want to raise Muhammad Ali, keep your kids out of the ring.

If you’re a NASCAR fan and have a kid you’re probably facing a difficult conundrum. How can you figure out if your son or daughter is the next great NASCAR star? Well the only real way to find out is to put them behind the wheel of an actual car and as we all know that’s not only illegal but insanely dangerous. Sure you can let them ride go-carts, but that’s not even close to replicating the skills it takes to drive a real NASCAR vehicle.

NASCAR used to be a lot safer.

1. MMA
Mixed Martial Arts is more dangerous than boxing because it allows for the breaking of bones and purposeful tearing of ligaments. It’s the sport of the future and everyone wants their kid to get in on the ground floor, but the risks are just too severe. Plus there’s the legal issue of hosting toddler fight clubs in your basement. Big mistake.

Does this look like something you want your kids doing?

Hopefully this list puts football in perspective. Sure it may not be the safest sport, but there are far worse sports out there. The NFL is also working hard to make the game safer. Who knows, one day football may not be a contact sport at all. Then all children will be able to play football, but MMA will always feature spinning kicks to the side of the head.

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