The Top 6 Reasons Why Landlines Are Better Than Cell Phones

Are cell phones really as
good as we think they are?
These days in 2014 almost everyone has abandoned their home landline telephone for a cell phone. Portable cellular telephones are one of the most popular technologies of the modern era. Even the most technologically challenged people have a cell phone. However it’s not all perfect. There are several ways landlines are superior to cell phones and here are the top six:

6. They’re not a distraction.
One of the biggest dangers of cell phones is they’re very distracting. Cell phones are not just distracting to drivers, but even people who are walking can slam into poles, fall onto subway tracks and fall into open manholes when they’re distracted by texting. The only time a landline can be distracting is at home and that’s not a danger at all.

5. No one wants to steal it.
Current cell phones are so technologically advanced and expensive that they become hot targets for thieves and muggers. On the other hand, I don’t think anyone in the history of earth has ever had their landline stolen.

4. It’s impossible to make an accidental call.
One problem with cell phone is it’s just too easy to place a call. If you received a call from someone you don’t want to talk to, it will save their number in a list of your calls. If you forget to delete it out of there you run the risk of having your finger slip and hitting that number. All it takes is one tap to be calling someone you didn’t want to. Then even if you hang up immediately they see that you’ve called and think you want to talk to them. It’s terrible. With a landline there’s literally no way to accidentally call anyone. You have to hold the phone and dial all the numbers. If someone calls you on a landline it meant they really wanted to talk to you and that means something.

3. It’s impossible to answer a call accidentally.
If you have a cell phone you’ve probably been texting when a call suddenly comes in. If you’re really focusing on typing on your phone it can be very easy to accidentally hit the “accept call” button that comes up on the screen. Then all of a sudden you’re talking to a loan shark or someone you really wanted to go to voicemail. With a landline, the phone rings and you have to walk over to it and physically pick the thing up. It’s not always in your hands 24 hours a day.

2. It won’t give you a tumor.
The studies are still inconclusive about cell phone and brain tumors but the bottom line is it’s a device that beams a radio wave to space and back. That’s never good to hold next to your skull. It may not be deadly, but it’s not helping you. Meanwhile, no one ever heard a damn thing about a landline causing brain tumors. Cell phones might be a 1% risk, but landlines are a 0%.

1. You can’t accidentally drop it in the toilet.
The worst thing that can happen to your cell phone is accidentally dropping it in the toilet. For some reason this is a very common thing that people do. You should just be glad if it happens at home because then you can put the phone in a bag of dry rice. But God help you if you drop it in a public toilet, your life is basically ruined. Meanwhile, I don’t think anyone’s ever dropped a landline in the toilet before. If people did they never mentioned it because that wasn’t a thing. If you dropped your landline in the toilet, first off it probably still worked once you washed it off. Second, it wouldn’t even matter, you could just go out and get a new one, it wouldn’t have your entire life on it.

Cell phones seem to be the one big technological advance everyone is onboard with. I think they’re okay, but you have to admit there are some major problems with them. Landlines probably won’t make a comeback, but you can’t ignore their benefits. Perhaps it’s unwise to be carrying everything important to your life everywhere you go all day long.

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