The Top 5 Things You CAN’T Donate To Charity

It’s important to give to charity, even if you don’t have money you still have organs which are worth more than you think. Because the phrase “Beggars can’t be choosers” is apparently false, there are many things you can’t donate. Here are the top 5:

5. Ears
There’s a popular saying “Lend me your ear” but that’s not something you can literally do. Most places that take organ donations will not accept a severed human ear. Sorry, Van Gogh.

Who doesn't want to give someone the gift of hearing?

4. Nose
Perhaps you’ve seen internet videos of people who have no nose after a horrible accident ruined their face. You might have wanted to help these people by giving them part of or all of your nose. Sadly, nose transplants aren’t a perfect science quite yet.

Some people have two helpings or more of nose. Why can't they donate?

3. Lips
Have you ever seen a commercial with those foreign children who have cleft lips? Haven’t you ever wondered if you could have part of your own lips cut off and donated to them? No? Well good because it’s not possible.

Some people have really messed up lips.

2. Teeth
There are a lot of people out there who don’t have teeth. Fortunately for them there are dentures which eliminate the need for actual human teeth transplants. And nothing creeps a doctor out more than when you come to a hospital holding a bag of teeth asking where you can donate them.

Dentures can never replace the feeling of having a real tooth in your gums.

1. Bones
Sure you can donate bone marrow, but what about the whole bone? Sadly this isn’t possible. Perhaps one day it will be possible for you to donate your entire skeleton to someone in need, but for right now just take care of it and wait patiently.

It takes a true hero to donate their entire skeleton to the needy. Sadly, most doctors won't allow it.

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