The Top 5 Worst Places To Get Drunk

Alcohol is one of the most overly abused drugs there are, but it’s important to realize there’s a time and a place for everything. There really is no good place to get drunk, but there are some very bad ones and here are the top 5:

5. Zoo
Getting drunk at the zoo seems like a good idea at first, but then before you know it you’ve accidentally fallen into some artificial habitat exhibit and a 700 lb female gorilla is smashing your skull into pieces. That’s worst case scenario. Best case scenario you get kicked out for getting into a swearing war with a monkey.

If you can't be trusted around llamas, don't get drunk at the zoo.

4. PTA Meeting
PTA meetings are not the most entertaining events, but you have to keep in mind you’re there for your child. Being drunk in front of your kid’s teachers is not a good message to send to them. Worst case scenario they alert social services and send someone to inspect your home and you lose your entire family.

At least class size is small.

3. Intervention
If you’re at an intervention for a friend or family member that’s struggling with addiction it’s never a good idea to show up drunk. Firstly, it makes you lose all credibility and secondly, it can turn the target of the intervention onto you. If you’re exhibiting worse issues than the person the intervention was originally for and that turns everyone’s attention on you then that’s really hurting the person the help was originally intended for.

Drinking can quickly turn an intervention into a free-for-all slugfest.

2. Church
Yes, church can be boring. However, that that doesn’t mean you should show up drunk to make it more entertaining. Your random dancing during the sermon is usually never welcomed with the enthusiasm that you expect.

Church is all about inhibitions so drinking is probably the worst thing you can do there.

1. Car
Of course this is an obviously bad place to get drunk, but that’s the reason it’s number one. Getting drunk at the zoo, a parent teacher conference, intervention, or church will only risk your life. Getting drunk in a moving car begins to risk the lives of others and for that reason it should never be done.

Maybe back when cars were fast double bicycles it was okay to drink and drive, but not anymore!

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