The Top 5 Reality Shows That Don’t Exist Yet

How long until there's a reality show about
television sound crews?
For some reason TV networks keep creating new reality shows about normal people in boring professions. You get the idea that they create the shows by thinking of a bad pun and then build the show around the pun. What will the next big reality show hit be? Maybe it’ll be one of these!

5. “Little Brother”
A show like “Big Brother” except with only dwarfs.

4. “Top Surgeon”
A show like “Top Chef” except with surgeons who have to perform life saving surgeries on patients as judges observe and comment.

3.  “The Codfather”
A show about a floundering cod fishery business run by an Italian-American man and his family.

2. “Teen Wolf Mom”
A show about freakishly hairy pregnant teenage sluts.

1. “Corn Stars”
A show about a popcorn factory in Iowa and the wacky people who run it.

How many of these shows will exist in the next five years? 2? 3? I'm betting on all of them actually.

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