The Top 5 Worst Places To Go On A First Date

A first date is perhaps the most important moment of any relationship. It’s what sets the tone for every subsequent meeting. A bad first date can spoil even the most compatible connection and a good one can help create more love. I can’t tell you where to go for a great first date, but here are the top five places you should definitely NOT choose:

5. Male Strip Club
Taking a woman to a strip club in general is a bad idea. On a first date, it’s even worse. And taking them to a male strip club is the worst of the worst. Why would you do this? You don’t need her seeing all these other guy’s naked before you try to sleep with her. Then she sees you strip and it’s a total let down for her. Horrible move.

You're trying to eliminate your competition, not increase it.

4. Brothel
Unless the woman you’re dating is a prostitute, it’s not a good idea to bring her to a brothel. Most women don’t like to even kiss on a first date let alone have sex, let alone go in 50/50 for a threeway with a random hooker. Of course if by some chance you do find a woman who will do this, marry her immediately.

Looks fun enough, until everyone gets Gonorrhea.

3. Meth lab
Meth labs aren’t as much fun as TV portrays them to be. You might be dating a big “Breaking Bad” fan who’s never been to a real live meth lab before, but it’s not worth the risk of being burned alive in a giant explosion.

Crystal Meth might look a little like diamonds, but they aren't a girl's best friend.

2. Funeral
Some women find funerals romantic, though those women are usually very creepy. A lot of times they think they’re real vampires which is a red flag. If a woman suggests you go to a funeral for a first date I would be worried. Unless being around a stiff makes you stiff, avoid funerals at all costs. Plus, the food isn’t great.

The only one who's getting laid is the corpse into the hole.

1. Crack house
You may have seen crack houses on TV just like meth labs, but crack houses are one step below both meth labs and heroin dens. They’re not all they’re cracked up to be. You get a lot of dangerous characters in a crack house. A first date should never end up with you being shanked by a hobo.

There's no Lady and the Tramp scenario where you can both smoke a crack pipe and have your lips meet in the middle.

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