The Top 5 Best Ways To Get High Off Of Life

People who are against drug usage always talk about “getting high off life” but what does that really mean? How can one become intoxicated off of merely living without the use of narcotics?

5. Flashing
Flashing is a great way to get high naturally because it’s always a thrill to be naked in front of a stranger. Sure, it’s almost as taboo as doing drugs, but that should tell you something about the potency of it. Technically it’s illegal, but hey we’ve all been flashed before. It’s the human body. Grow up.

Oh nothing, just hanging out writing postcards bare ass naked.

4. Streaking
Streaking combines the thrills of being naked in front of strangers with being chased by police. It’s not as intimate as flashing someone, but it makes up for that with the sheer adrenaline of running in fear.

Hopefully you're met by a friendly person with a towel and not someone angry with a crowbar.

3. Get into fistfights
Ancient man was no stranger to fighting and it’s sad that these days a lot of people can go their whole lives without being in a life or death struggle with another person. It awakens a part of you that you never knew existed. I would recommend boxing or some sort of sanctioned fisticuffs, but there’s nothing like the real thing. When you see the look in that old lady’s face and she realizes she just messed with the wrong bitch. Oh boy, it’s an amazing feeling!

Engaging in fisticuffs has traditionally been a satisfactory way to achieve exhilaration.

2. Become a vigilante
There’s a good reason you rarely ever see Batman smoking weed or Spider-Man snorting cocaine or the Green Lantern injecting heroin and that’s because fighting crime is a huge rush. You don’t need any drugs when you’re defeating evil. There’s no other sensation like it. Ironically you’ll probably be doing a lot of drug busts and taking down drug dealers all while you’re the one getting high.

Don't take drugs, take names.

1. Free climbing
The number one way to get high without drugs is also the literal definition of getting high. The rush of climbing a tower with your bare hands and knowing that any slight misstep or grip could be your last is truly amazing. Even if you fail you get one last rush from falling like base jumping. And if you get to the top you can rest easy knowing you’re one of the highest people on Earth and that includes Snoop Dogg.

When a daredevil invites you to "get high" you should always clarify before you accept the invite.

Hopefully you can try some of these out and realize what it’s really like to be high off of life. But be warned, life can be every bit as dangerous as a drug.

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