Fun Laundry Prank To Play On People

Even a local laundromat can be the
stage for a classic prank!
Looking for a fun, cool new prank to play on strangers? Here’s the step by step instructions on how to play The Laundry Prank!

1. Pick someone who’s approximately the same size as you. Man or woman!

2. When they put their clothes in the dryer, wait for them to leave.

3. When they leave for a moment, take some of their clothes out of the dryer and put them on. Put on as many articles of clothing as you can: socks, undies, shirt, pants, etc.

4. Then stand in front of their dryer and wait for them to come back.

This is a fun prank because of the look on the person’s face. How are you supposed to react when you walk in on a complete stranger wearing all of your clothes? No one knows. That’s not a normal situation and that’s why it’s funny to see them react because everyone will react differently. Some people might call the cops, some people might laugh, other people might start kicking your ass and stripping you naked. It really all depends on the individual so you’re always guaranteed to get a novel new response. It’s not like the pranks where you tell someone their mother died. Either they cry or they’re some psycho and they don’t cry. Those are two outcomes. The Laundry Prank has limitless outcomes! Have fun!

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