Dumbass Sayings: “I’m Not Good With Names”

Everyone always blames their brain.
When you don’t remember someone’s name you say “Sorry, I’m not good with names.” Well, I’ve got news for you. NO ONE is good with names. You either think someone’s important enough to remember their name or you don’t. Instead of saying “I’m not good with names” you should just be honest and say “I don’t care what your name is”. The only reason you would care is to avoid the awkwardness of forgetting, but if you really cared about that you would have remembered it to begin with. Odds are when you forget someone’s name it’s because you never bothered to try and remember it to begin with. You just heard it and thought “Eh, to hell with that, I’ll never see them again.”

You should never have to tell someone you’re not good with names. You SHOULD however tell people “You ARE good with names” when you barely knew someone and remember their name exactly. Otherwise the person is thinking “How does this freak know me?” It’s okay, I’m not a stalker or anything I’m just REALLY GOOD WITH NAMES.

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